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Oil Free Compressor

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Pressure-Welded Crossing

Pressure-Welded Crossing is made of rail steel, hence easy to weld and flexible for various needs. It has experienced no single breakage even its total sales count over 11,600.

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Water mist fire extinguishing equipment (FOGMAKER)
Automatic extinguishing system without power supply!
Engine room fire, battery fire, fuel fire, quickly extinguish any fire with water mist!

Papalab Co.,Ltd. Detailed information
Compact 2D colorimeter (PPLB-400A)

It can take both faithful image and color measurement data. And it can be analyzed color distribution for taken image. Moreover, because it has diffuse lighting, it provide uniform lighting conditions, and compact design allows us to set anyplace.

Papalab Co.,Ltd. Detailed information
2D colorimeter - Outdoor measurement type (PPLB-500A)

In this device, measurement is performed by using natural light whose color temperature changes, but always outputs quantitative data at a constant color temperature. Therefore, it is possible to observe aged deterioration of outdoor color.

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Anti-Fungal Air Refresher for Rolling Stock"YAM sereis"

“YAM series”is Anti-fungal air refresher that specializes in mold odor removal from the air-conditioning system.
YAM series works well even where there is no light by combining silver metal.


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