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Advanet Inc. Detailed information
Connected Rugged Mobile Computer DynaCOR 10-00

The DynaCOR 10-00 is a rugged mobile computer platform that targets demanding vehicle and industrial installations such as those in heavy industry machinery, rail networks and rolling stock, buses, etc.

Advanet Inc. Detailed information
Connected, Rugged, Mobile Display Computer

The DynaVIS 10-00 is a rugged mobile display computer platform that targets demanding vehicle installations such as those in rail networks and rolling stock, buses, vessels etc.

Amphenol Japan Co., Ltd. Detailed information

AZEARTH Corporation Detailed information

Bosch Engineering K.K. Detailed information
Tram Forward Collision Warning system that combines a radar sensor with a video sensor

Bosch Engineering K.K. Detailed information
Asset Monitoring system

CIESSE SPA Detailed information
CIESSE S.p.A. - RAILware division

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and integrate World Class solutions for Energy and Communication on rolling stocks.
Focused on innovation and latest technologies to deliver cost effective and tailored products. MVB-CAN-ETH-HDLC, Energy

CIESSE SPA Detailed information

CIESSE offers solution for Passengers/sleeping cars, Vestibules, Cabs&crew rooms.
Standard products: tables, baskets, seats, lighting, luggage racks, bike holders, steps and emergency footbridges.


Cyient K.K Detailed information
Rolling Stock/Interior Design Service

With more than 5.5 million hours spent developing rail rolling stock engineering solutions, Cyient offers deep knowledge, rich experience and global resources.

Cyient K.K Detailed information
Rail Signaling Solution

With more than 300 signaling design engineers and 2 million hours of work experience in rail signalling.We offer integrated solutions that help our clients enhance their strategic and operational capabilities.

Fukuda Corporation Detailed information

AKG Japan Ltd. Detailed information
Cooling System for railway

High performance,light weight cooling systems with
-Single core, side-by-side & multi-layer coolers
-Weight optimized expansion & oil tanks
-Reliable axial piston pumps & motors
-Controlled fan speed for low energy consumption

Siemens K.K. Detailed information
Railway systems and components for Commuter and Regional trains
Siemens is a unique supplier for a complete range of electrical and mechanical components and system solutions for propulsion systems, bogies, and on-board power supply.

Infineon Technologies Japan K.K. Detailed information

HATAYA Limited Detailed information

Heat Rock Kohgyo Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

H.E.F DURFERRIT JAPAN Co.,Ltd. Detailed information
PEL series (steel bushes, steel bushes with rubber, sleeves, pins), H-Liner series (Composite bushes/plates), ARCOR/TUFFTRIDE (salt bath nitrocarburizing)

HellermannTyton Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

HellermannTyton Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

HellermannTyton Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

Hilti,Japan Detailed information
System construction of global standards.

"Safety" and "standardization" are concepts common to all our products..We will let you know the situation in European railway construction and propose mainly highly reliable clamping products that have received European technical certification.

HIROSE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Detailed information

Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Detailed information

Kanno Works, Ltd. Detailed information
The infomation provision system to TFT Monitor

Kanno Works, Ltd. Detailed information
Disaster prevention system


KOTSU DENGYOSHA CO.,LTD. Detailed information

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

Morimura Brothers.,Inc. Detailed information
Superforming Aluminium Products

MOXA INC. Detailed information
Integrated Solutions for Passenger Information System on Refurbish Trains

Moxa’s EN 50155 compliant RTU controller ioPAC 8600 series is the convergence of multiple subsystems, so the PIS can integrate the track location data, PA system, LED displays…etc to give passengers both audio and visual update information.

MOXA INC. Detailed information
Proven Expertise for Railway Automation

Moxa has provided communications, data control, and computing infrastructure for dozens of successful major railway projects around the world, including metro, high speed rail and conventional rolling stock applications with different requirements.

MOXA INC. Detailed information
Industrial Networking, Computing and Video Surveillance for Smarter Railways

With innovative technologies such as wireless inter-carriage connections, millisecond-speed Ethernet redundancy, and WLAN roaming solutions, Moxa’s railway solution upgrade railway infrastructure operation for higher efficiency.

NEPRO Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

nitolex Detailed information

NORD-LOCK Japan Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

Rikei Corporation Detailed information
LED Lighting for Emergency (Long Life Type)

*Long Life LED Lighting for emergency
*LED Lighting including pure lead battery of EnerSys
*Continuous 8 hours operating after 2 years starage without operationg.
*Quick rechargeable type (3-5 hours)

Rikei Corporation Detailed information
SynQor Develops Higher Power Versions of its RailQor DC-DC Converters for Rail Transportation Applications

Input voltage ranges: 9-36V, 42-110V, 66-160V and 12-155V.There is a selection of standard output voltages (5, 12, 15, 24) and power levels (up to 252W) that make the RailQor line of converters suitable for a variety of systems.

Rikei Corporation Detailed information
PULS DIN-Rail solution

1. DC/DC converter (power ranges 100W, 200W and 400W)
2. AC/DC power supplies (power ranges 240W and 480W)
3. 3AC/DC power supplies (power ranges 240W and 480W)
Typical applications:Central Power Air conditioning Communication Signale Security

SKY CO.,LTD. Detailed information
Suggestion of plasticity of the aluminum, a welding technology and the joining
In our booth, I display a joining part between the different kind metal by a joining technology us's original in plasticity processing technique of super duralumin established in collaborative investigation with Toyama University to a base.

SOLTON CO.,LTD. Detailed information

SUGATSUNE KOGYO CO.,LTD. Detailed information

Safety and security sensors for railway industry proposed by TAKEX, a leading sensor manufacturer in Japan.

(1)Car presence and state (moving/stopping) sensor
(2)Safety sensor for platform gate
(3)Passage sensor for automatic gate or escalator
(4)Intrusion detector
(5)Flame sensor

T.E.M. Incorporated Detailed information

TOKYU TECHNO SYSTEM Detailed information

TOKYU TECHNO SYSTEM Detailed information

TOYO DENKI SEIZO K.K. Detailed information
Rail Operations Information System
Real-time display of operating status, to improve service for users.

TOYO DENKI SEIZO K.K. Detailed information
Electric door operating equipment
The door operating equipment is typically installed above the doors of passenger cars to open and close those doors.

TOYO DENKI SEIZO K.K. Detailed information
The passenger information display system
The passenger information display system (PIDS) provides operational information to passengers such as the next stop and the status of other train lines (delays), etc.

TOYO DENKI SEIZO K.K. Detailed information
Composite ticket vending machine
In addition to fare collection, handheld terminals incorporate smart card readers to enhance service for customers with smart cards.

Yashima Denki Co.,Ltd. Detailed information

YASHIMA & CO.,LTD Detailed information
High Worker

This is a snorkel of highworker. It will exhibit a refraction-type highworker that easily performed, such as work on the rollingstock. Because it can actually also test drive, please visitors by all means.

YASHIMA & CO.,LTD Detailed information
Flat Panel Speaker

Flat panel speakers has been adopted in the many station platforms that was highly evaluated with high clarity at the distance, strong directivity, and minimum acoustic feedback.

YASHIMA & CO.,LTD Detailed information
Products and solutions for rollingstock

Safety and comfort contributes rolling stock and passengers, we will introduce products and solutions for rolling stock at home and abroad.